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Chicago Corporate Rentals
Chicago Vacation Home Rentals By Owner - Chicago Corporate Rentals
Chicago Corporate Rentals
Chicago Vacation Home Rentals By Owner - Chicago Corporate Rentals
Chicago Corporate Rentals
Chicago Vacation Home Rentals By Owner - Chicago Corporate Rentals
Chicago Corporate Rentals
Chicago Corporate Rentals
Chicago Corporate Rentals

Despite your best efforts, the day to day demands of life can have a real effect on your relationship with your partner. Work, kids and family commitments can all take time away from the two of you, and it's important to make sure you reconnect every now and then in order to keep your relationship strong.

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It may not be the first place you think of, but Chicago is the ideal destination for a break away from all your normal activities - and there's plenty to do to reignite all the feelings you had for each other when you first got together.

Whatever you enjoy doing together, you'll soon find that Chicago is packed with activities, sights and sounds to pack into a day trip, a weekend away or even a whole week away from the hassles of work if you can manage it.

Taking a tour is a fantastic way to see all that the windy city has to offer. If you both like the idea of combining your trip with a burst of much needed exercise, you could try seeing the city from the saddle of a bicycle. Tours like this usually last a couple of hours, and you can enjoy the lakefront, the architecture, the open spaces and the wining and dining atmosphere that all combine to make this city a top choice for some time away together.

Although doing something different like this can be a great way to enjoy your time out, don't forget the more traditional ways to enjoy a romantic time together. Make sure you book a top hotel in Chicago to relax in after a busy day exploring the city. Chicago also has a wealth of top restaurants that you can enjoy a candlelit dinner in; for example, eating out in the world famous Wells (Sears) Tower can be combined with taking the elevator right to the top to see the city from a whole new angle.

If you really want to push the boat out, why not try the ultimate in romantic meals - enjoyed on board a boat or even a cruise liner? This kind of extravagance isn't for those on a tight budget, but if you can afford to splash out you'll get to enjoy a luxurious meal while taking in the sights from the water.

Whatever your interests are, you and your partner will find plenty to do while on a vacation in Chicago. You can even recreate your first ever date together - think back to what you did and where you went, and plan an itinerary that will surprise your partner when you get there. If you try this, make sure you book any popular tours or locations before you go, as they could be sold out if you leave it until the day of your departure.

So, what better way is there to remember what brought you together in the first place than a romantic vacation away from the day-to-day routine?



America is a nation of hotel lovers. When we're planning a vacation the first thing that comes to mind is "Where are we going to stay?" Usually we want somewhere comfortable, somewhere clean and somewhere where all the family can relax. We imagine the perfect Chicago Vacation or business trip and hope that the Chicago hotels or Chicago rentals can provide us with a nice room and a quick and easy check in/check out process.

Reality is though, that it rarely happens that way. Even when staying at the top Chicago Vacation Rentals or Hotels something always seems to go wrong whether it be with the hotel itself or with the accommodation. Relaxing it isn't. Stressful it is. From the time you arrive there is always potential for disaster. From lengthy lines at check in, to actually arriving at your room and finding things not as you planned. It might even be something else around the hotel or rental, like a restaurant, fitness center or the swimming pool being understaffed or worse, closed.

Imagine this scenario; you're having a large family reunion in Chicago and you've tried several Chicago Vacation Hotels or Chicago Vacation Rentals or  in the hope of accommodating you all. You eventually find a Chicago hotel or rental that can provide accommodation but you arrive to find that you are spread out all over the place as the hotel couldn't guarantee to locate you in the same part of the hotel complex let alone on the same floor. It's a mess and getting everyone together proves impossible.

Traveling as a small family can be just as bad, as many Chicago Vacation Hotels or Vacation Rentals only offer a choice of a room with two Queen sized beds or one King. If you're taking the kids that means there's not much privacy for Mom & Pop and then there's always the constant fights as everyone gets to argue about what to watch on television. It's even worse when it comes to bedtime as some folks want to sleep and others want to catch the late night movie. In the end someone ends up being frustrated or annoyed.

There is a stress free option though and one that more and more families are finding out about and coming to enjoy experiencing: Chicago Vacation Home Rentals.

For around the same money that you would pay at a hotel, you can actually rent a luxurious Chicago Vacation Home,  rent a Chicago Furnished Apartment,  find a Chicago Hotel Alternative,  that comes equipped with everything you need to make you feel at home. Chicago Vacation Rentals Homes are typically available with anywhere from three to seven separate bedrooms meaning everyone gets their own space to do as they want. Some Chicago Vacation Rentals by owner, have a private heated swimming pool while some vacation rental condos may have a hot tub or jacuzzi as well.

Many Chicago Short Term  Rentals have other great amenities such as large screen TV's, Xbox or PS2 gaming consoles and even dedicated games rooms with pool, foosball or ping pong tables. All of this means that after a fun filled day out, you can actually enjoy returning home to rest and relax while the kids find plenty to do.

Another major advantage of a Chicago vacation rentals is the fact they all come equipped with a full size kitchen. No longer are you dependent on when the restaurant is open or what is on the menu, now you get to pick what you want to eat and when you want to eat it. On occasion dining out is a nice treat but not everyone wants to go out every meal time and a Chicago vacation rental home gives the option to have a quiet night in and enjoy some home cooking as well as save some cash.

Maybe it's time to try something different on your next get away!  Chicago Vacation Rentals are great value and once you've stayed in one, you'll think twice about staying in a hotel again.

 The Magnificent Mile, the northern part of Michigan Avenue between the Chicago River and Lake Shore Drive, is Chicago's version of the Champs-Elysées: a grand wide boulevard with exclusive shops, museums, restaurants and ritzy hotels.

Shopper's Paradise

All the big names in shopping are present here, from Disney, Apple and Niketown to Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue. The wide sidewalks, often adorned with well-maintained flowerbeds are always crowded. The areas around the Magnificent Mile are some of Chicago's wealthiest.


Architectural landmarks like the John Hancock Center and the Tribune Tower can be found in abundance along the avenue. Building booms in the 1920s, 70s and 90s turned the once low-rise residential street into an economically thriving area bordered by tall skyscrapers.

Following Daniel Burnham's plan of 1909, Michigan Avenue was widened to create a thoroughfare able to cope with the growing traffic. In order to connect the avenue with Pine street across the Chicago River, the Michigan Avenue bridge was built in 1920. The beautiful bascule bridge, modeled on the Pont Alexandre III in Paris, allowed traffic to move freely from the busy South Michigan Avenue to the north side of the river, which was renamed to North Michigan Avenue.

Soon after the completion of the bridge construction on the north side started: in 1920 the Drake Hotel at the northern end and the now famous Wrigley building at the southern end of N. Michigan Ave. were completed. They were soon followed by other remarkable buildings, including the Allerton Hotel (1924), the Tribune Tower (1925), the Medinah Athletic Club (1929) and 919 N. Michigan Avenue (1929).

Magnificent Mile's Sidewalk

In 1947, when the North Michigan Avenue already had become Chicago's most fashionable street, real estate developer Arthur Rubloff - who had ambitious plans for the avenue - dubbed North Michigan Avenue 'Magnificent Mile'. The name stuck and in 2001 it was even trademarked.

900 N. Michigan Ave.

A new building boom started in 1969 with the construction of the John Hancock Center, a 100-storey tall residential skyscraper. The tower, situated at the northern end of the avenue, attracted other large buildings, including the nearby Water Tower Place (1976), a tower with more than 100 shops, theaters and restaurants. Another boom started at the end of the 1980s and added some more skyscrapers at the Magnificent Mile, among them the 900 N. Michigan Avenue (1989) and Park Tower (2000).

Water Tower and Magnificent Mile

The oldest building along the Magnificent Mile is the Old Water Tower. The tower was built in 1869 and its castle-like architecture looks a bit out of place in this modern high-rise district. One of the lone survivors of the Chicago Great Fire in 1871, the building symbolizes Chicago's resilience. It faced demolition several times; in 1906, 1918 and 1948 but each time preservationists were able to save the Water Tower.

Thanks to all the landmarks, the wide and beautiful boulevard and the avenue's great vistas, at the south end bordered by the Michigan Avenue bridge and at its northern end by Oak Street Bridge, the Magnificent Mile is a unique street that you shouldn't miss on your visit to Chicago.

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